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These are the icons used to represent each one of us. What do they mean?

Savi - A variant of the astrological sign of Taurus. It's meant to show strength (stubbornness?) and, through the circle on the head, a connection to spirituality.
Lizy - A figurine of the Mother Goddess as a symbol of love and fertility. Her crown also shows a connection to spirituality.
Savi 3 - Fundamental elements. Their arrangement signifies focus and concentration.
Francesca - Also known as Frankie or Frankie Foo-Foo, this is her method of signing her artwork.
Elizabeth - Also known as Lizard. This symbol represents the star qualities inherent in her soul.
Rigel - Also known as Widget. Named after Beta Orionis, the second brightest star in the constellation Orion as determined by the Greeks. The stylized icon shows Rigel as the big star in the lower right.
Boomer - The dog whose noble personality has firmly entrenched him in the fabric of the family.
Updated on 08/26/2005.