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These pictures represent a few of the shots we took over the years. They represent important milestones in our lives and in the spirit of this site we want to share them with you.

The day we met. March 3rd, 1996.

How many couples do you know have a picture of themselves on the day we met? We are fortunate to have one and it is one of the interesting details of our lives together.

The day we wed. March 3, 2002.

Six years to the day we met we rode together in the bike tour. We were dressed as the "Bride and Doomed". We received countless well wishes, and applauses, from the people all along the parade route.Unknowingly we have a similar poseto the one six years prior.

My beautiful bride on our civil wedding day.

We were both dressed in jeans and black leather jackets. Here is her smile, the one that reeled me in, just prior to saying, "I do."

You may kiss the bride.

12/21/2001 - We were legally married now. Catch all the 3s in the date?

Our engagement picture.

Once again the bicycle plays an important part.

The "WE" cartoon.

Our Spiritual Wedding.

To us this shot is the epitomy of our spiritual ceremony as the window and architecture represent our reach for the heavens.

The Bride and Groom, again.

No longer poking fun at ourselves. The real thing. Note our House Pot, it was part of our ceremony.

The entrance to the reception.

Lizy was a little scared of falling off the bike. Our guests did not quite expect this kind of an entrance.

Updated on 08/26/2005.