Widget continues the tradition of The Threes.

Widget is named after the star Rigel, the brightest star in the constellation Orion.

Rigel is a system of three stars: Rigel B which revolves around Rigel,  Rigel C which revolves around Rigel B, and, of course, Rigel. The distance between Rigel and Rigel B is about 23 light days. Rigel C is very close to Rigel B (relatively, of course!). A small telescope will detect Rigel B.

Widget was born at 40 weeks, 2 days. When adding up the digits we get six, a multiple of three. The year 2004, when adding up the digits becomes 6. We've been there already. His term of 40 weeks, 2 days represents 282 days total. 282 days is a multiple of three (94). Further, like his mother, the date of his birth also contains threes. The date of the 27th, has several threes intrinsic to it aside from being a multiple of three. The digits add up to 9, a multiple of three, in fact, three squared. Coincidentally, 27 is three to the third power!

We welcome Widget with love, joy, and excitement.