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The Story of Threes

To Elizabeth and me, the number three has great meaning. She has great interest in numerology, and in that study, the number three is a pleasant, social number.

If you believe that people can have soul mates, then you believe in some level of spirituality. As such, Elizabeth and I believe we are soul mates, and, further, this is our third lifetime together.

Between us we have three children, we met on the third day of the third month, in '96, the two digits being multiples of three.

We celebrate the third of each month as our LUNIversary; we hold that day special and do something to designate it so. Finally, our civil wedding holds many threes.

Elizabeth was born on December 27th. This date holds great significance for me as it is the date of my first marriage. She never knew this, and it was after she chose the date in December that I told her. Maybe there was something in the numbers that made December 27th significant for me. The first time around was the wrong message.

To start, the 27th is a multiple of three, and, further, it is three raised to the third power. Our December wedding will take place on the 21st. It was important to Elizabeth that the date be a multiple of three and that left only four days: the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and the 30th. Coincidentally all those dates are separated by 9 days, a multiple of three. December is the 69th month since we met, and, the sum of the digits of the month are a multiple of three, as is the sum of the digits of the year.

Finally, we married on the 3rd of March, exactly 6 years from the day we met.

Updated on 08/26/2005.